Can Married Couples Live Apart?

Many people argue that moving in together is a sign of progress within the relationship. For many, the act of sharing each other’s space day in and day out can be one of the most intimate and daunting aspect of the relationship. For Annie Fox and her significant other, marriage this was one aspect of their relationship that they decided not to share.

Annie, and her husband live in different apartments. Surprised? You’re not alone. Given that most married couples live together, Annie herself would be the first to tell you that their living preferences are far from the norm. However, as Annie points out, the experience has some pleasant aspects to it, all of which work better for both of them.

A general aspect of living separately seems to be that you gain and maintain a greater appreciation for your partner, since you can’t always take them for granted. Everyday tasks, from switching of the lights to doing chores have to be done by you most of the time. As a result, when your partner is around to lend a hand, you end up having a greater appreciation for their presence than you would otherwise.

Annie also points out that living separately makes a lot of things easier. For instance, surprises actually end up working out. You can order gifts for your significant other, or even plan parties without worrying about your partner seeing (and ruining) the surprise. 

Perhaps most importantly, maintaining that type of distance allows both partners to be a bit more candid about the relationship. In the instance that things don’t work out, both partners still have their own living spaces, possessions, etc. All things considered, there are many aspects of living apart that many couples might find attractive, and vice versa. It’s ultimately up to the individual couples to work out an arrangement that suits their relationship.