E-Commerce Is Easy!

Online is where it’s at. We do our taxes online, we stream TV shows and movies online, you’re even reading this article online! So why are you hesitating to bring your small business into e-commerce with an online store? If you want to be successful, your store has to have an online presence, but you can’t just take pictures of everything and throw them on a wordpress site. Here’s three easy-to-follow steps for making sure that you create an e-commerce site that will be an asset to your business, not an embarrassment.

Start with a clear idea in your mind of what you want to accomplish online. Just like your brick and mortar store, your online store needs to have a vision for the audience did it wants to attract as well as the way in which it wants to sell to people. Know your customers and know how to reach out to them.


Plan out the path that your products take for manufacturing to delivery at someone’s home. Actually write it down. This will help you prepare for the unexpected events that can happen with e-commerce, like rush orders, returns, stock getting lost in the mail, or any number of other things that can happen when people buy online. If you know every single step of the process, you’ll be able to plan for this mishaps and still get purchases to your customers.

Know your strengths when it comes to technology and how to combat your weaknesses. For instance, there’s no reason you should try creating your own website with WordPress. Web giants like Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify allow you to sell your items on their sites for minimal invasion into the process. Or, if you have the cash to burn, you can always have a totally custom website created for you by a designer. Remember though, if something goes wrong or changes need to be made to a custom site, you’ll need to have him come out again to fix it, and that means even more $$$.