Elephant Kept in Captivity, Cries Tears of Joy When Freed

In our world of diverse opinions, one thing most people can definitely agree on is that animal cruelty is not cool. With that being said, it does happen, regularly in fact. While instances of animal cruelty vary in scope, for Raju the elephant, the conditions that he faced while in captivity where especially debilitating and cruel.   

Raju had lived in captivity for 50 years starting from when he was a child, so he had never had the opportunity to experience a better life. Everyday, Raju would be forced to beg for food from tourist, and often times, he would have to eat plastic or scavenge for food. He was far too skinny for an elephant, and spent his days in spiked shackles that left his legs bloody and wounded.  

For many animals like Raju, it’s not uncommon for them to spend their entire lives in captivity. Luckily for Raju, Wildlife SOS, a London charity, heard about his predicament and swooped in to help. Together with a team of 20 forestry department officers, 6 policemen, and 10 wildlife experts, Raju was rescued overnight. The team ran into a brief altercation with the Raju’s owner, but where persistent and ultimately managed to unchain the elephant and bring him to a nearby elephant sanctuary. Raju actually cried tears of joy as he was rescued, fully aware that he was finally being freed.

According to the wildlife experts who rescued him, he faces a lengthy rehabilitation. Undoing 50 years of brutality will definitely prove challenging, but for now, Raju is completely free from his captors, and can live out the rest of his life in a safe environment. A touching end to an otherwise unfortunate story.