Genius Ideas for a Panty Upgrade!

We often spend a lot of time decorating and redecorating the places that guests see the most, like entry ways, living rooms, and bathrooms. These are good places to start, but we can often neglect other rooms in the house in favor of constantly sprucing these areas up,which is a total mistake on our part. Guests don’t just stay where you want them to, and having a well organized and (dare we say it) chic pantry can impress more than coordinated throw pillows on the couch. Redoing your panty can be tricky and expensive however, and those are two words we don’t like when it comes to makeovers. In order to avoid some of the more hairy or costly mistakes, we have a few suggestions that will make the pantry look like a million bucks (for less than $100!).

For starters, there’s no need to go tearing out cabinets and installing custom shelving. Try your darndest to work with what you have, organizing and tidying where you go. If shelves are out in the open, try storing your dry products in airtight mason jars or canisters. Also, you don’t need to mess with grout and tile to get a textured look for a pantry backsplash; you can create the same look with removable wall paper at a fraction of the cost!


While we’re on the subject of faux finishes, spray paint is definitely your friend. You can make some very cheap looking fixtures look super expensive and matching with a can of chrome or even gold spray paint from the hardware store! And if there’s money leftover in the budget, you should absolutely create an accent wall. Bright paint, a funky kitchen-themed piece of artwork, or even a whole chalkboard wall will really bring character into this often used (and often) overlooked room.