Live Like A Billionaire

If you’ve ever wanted an up close and personal chance to see how the 1% lives, we have just the experience for you. Sir Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group and certified billionaire, has opened two of his homes for rental to the general public! And one of them is much more expensive than the other, so bear with us. For those of us with maybe not so much cash to spend, Branson has made his London houseboat available for just $1,000 / week!

It has an incredible location for sightseeing (hello, you’re sleeping on the Thames!) and the inside is absolutely scrumptious. The walls, tiles, and linens are all white, and the slate gray flooring gives the whole boat a beachy, breezy feel. It also comes with access to a private garden, and has two bedrooms to offer.

However, if you have decidedly more money to spend and really want to vacation like the upper class, we recommend a stay on Branson’s PRIVATE ISLAND, which he bought in 1978 and only opens to the public a few times a year. Located in the Carribean, Necker Island has played host to politicians, media moguls, and celebrities – Princess Diana famously vacationed there with her young princes in tow.

However, we can’t all be Princesses, and if you want to stay on Necker Island these days, it’s going to cost you a whopping $4,878 / week! However, the 74 acre island can be booked in it’s entirety (meaning all 34 beds) for $82,000 per night. Yikes. Even with that price covering meals, music, drinks, and laundry service, that’s still a steep price to pay to live like the rich and famous for a few days! But hey, it’s vacation, right? Treat yourself!