Mac and Cheese Pizza

If you’re sick of your friends trying the latest fad diets like paleo or ketogenic or bulletproof and then crying because they can’t eat carbs, we have the perfect revenge snack for you. We can guarantee your friends are missing homestyle favorites like mac and cheese or pizza, but how about a pizza – TOPPED with mac and cheese? It’s carb overload on a whole new level, and it’ll it’s guaranteed to make your friends break their diets and chow down with you… or maybe stop talking to you altogether. But in that case, more pizza-mac for you!

Delish threw this recipe together, and it’s delightfully simple! You definitely don’t have to be a professional to throw this one together. Just follow the instructions on the box of your favorite mac and cheese (and maybe throw in some added shredded cheese to make it extra gooey). Use some store-bought pizza dough (no knead to make your own!) and stretch it out on a pan with some oil. Brush it with oil or butter, and sprinkle some flavory things on there (like garlic or onion powder or italian seasoning), and bake for the appropriate amount of time. Pile the mac and cheese on there, sprinkle with more shredded cheese, and bake for an additional 10 minutes! Then top with chopped parsley and Voila! A masterpiece is born!

Now, we know we said this wasn’t a fancy pants recipe, but if you want to class it up a little, you could make your own mac and cheese from scratch and add some goodies like bacon, fancy cheese, or chopped chicken! Anything goes when you’re topping pizza with pasta! We promise this recipe will make you the subject of food-envy from all your dieting friends, and they will probably make an exception to their healthy eating to indulge in this fantasy pizza! After all, what are friends for?