Iconic Flintstones House Sold!

If you grew up in the Bay Area, chances are you know of or have even driven by a wacky residence nicknamed “The Flintstone House.” Located above Crystal Springs Reservoir in San Mateo County, this 1976 home looks like it’s straight out of a cartoon. There’s not a flat edge or right angle to the entire three bedroom home, and that includes all the windows and doors! While it might seem like an eyesore to the affluent residents of San Matteo, this opus of William Nicholson is a delight to children everywhere, who very much enjoy imagining what kinds of cool creatures or people live there.

For a while no one lived there, and in an attempt to garner interest in  buyers for this wacky wonder, the owners listed the property on Airbnb property! Though they were charging $900 / night for a stay in the house, somehow the ploy worked and the home sold and is now entirely private again. We’re pretty interested in who wanted to live in the home that the website Mother Nature Network called this home, “aboveground Teletubby lair, a psychedelic igloo compound, a curvaceous curiosity seemingly transported from a different time and place.”

They must be a fan of experimental architecture, because the way that Nicholson built the home is actually what impresses the most. His team draped steel rebar and metal mesh over aeronautical balloons, sprayed the whole thing down with shotcrete, and then deflated the balloons when everything was stable. It gives the whole house a look of being blown up, almost like a bounce house or inflatable pool. We highly recommend that if you’re in the Bay Area you drive by this whimsical home, and who knows, you just might see Fred and Wilma out front!