Man Proposes to Woman… and Her Sister!

Normally, a marriage proposal is only between two people. While you may invite people to watch, you almost never ask them to join in. However, when Will Seaton decided that he wanted to propose to his girlfriend Ashley, he knew that he had a very special proposal to make to her sister Hannah as well. He drove them both to a field in their hometown in Indiana, got down on one knee, and asked Ashley to marry him. He then, knee still bent, asked Hannah to be his best friend. Both sisters happily accepted.

When they first met, Ashley told Will that her little sister Hannah was a huge part of her life, and that if Will wanted to be close to her, he’d have to be close to Hannah too. “Hannah and I have a very special bond,” Ashley explained. “She has Down syndrome and diabetes, and I look after her and protect her. To be with me, you must accept her and love her as well.” He did, and the three soon became thick as thieves. When Ashley and Will moved in together, they made sure it was close to Hannah’s home, and they hang out and fish all the time.

Because of their closeness, the happy couple knew that Hannah had to be a huge part of their wedding as well. Not only was she the maid of honor, but she even said vows along with them, promising to Will “to always care for one another, share secrets, make jokes and go fishing, as that’s one of their favorite things to do together.” We can’t think of a better way to show the bond of these two adorable sisters – they’re both lucky to have Will in their lives!