Man’s Best Friend Saves The Day Yet Again!

Time and time again, dogs have lived up to their moniker as “mans best friend”. Ulnas Chowdhury got to witness their unmatched loyalty first hand one afternoon.

On his usual walk through the woods, Ulnas heard a very unusual noise. From behind some bushes, he heard the sounds of a baby crying. Upon closer inspection, he discovered a baby girl wrapped in a pink blanket, surrounded by four dogs! The dogs were doing their utmost to watch over her, keeping her warm and safe.

It didn’t end there either. The dogs kept watch over the baby girl while Ulnas contacted his neighbors. He also contacted the police, and got his neighbor to feed the baby girls some milk. During the whole ordeal, the four dogs refused to leave her side.

Ulnas was very impressed, but this wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen dog’s express humanlike levels of compassion. Thanks to them, Ulnas, and his caring neighbors, the baby girl is now currently in a safe location. A happy ending to an amazingly touching story.