Restaurant Offers Cliff Diving!

We all know about Rick’s Cafe, the legendary bar and restaurant from the movie Casablanca: “Of all the gin joints in all the world, she walks into mine.” Well there’s an equally cool Rick’s Cafe halfway around the world in Jamaica, and while they do have live music, that’s where the similarities between the movie classic and this funky joint end. Rick’s in Jamaica is the perfect island getaway, an alternative to the very crowded 7 Mile Beach that usually draws the tourists.

Situated cliffside on Jamaica’s West End Cliffs, Rick’s Cafe opened in 1974 as a place for locals to watch the sunset. It’s patio area overlooks a drop anywhere between 10-35ft to the ocean below, and somehow it’s become a tradition among patrons to jump off the cliff to the water below while waiting for a table!

Whether it has something to do the the excellent rum drinks Rick’s serves up (the rum punch is especially potent) or whether it’s simply island fever, customers of Rick’s have been willingly jumping from the patio for over four decades! The water is crystal clear and only fifteen feet, and we think it’s an absolutely genius way to cool off while waiting for your food. And the food, by the way, is delicious. Jamaican jerk chicken and seafood specials are served up daily, as well as mouth watering rum cake (of course!) for dessert. If you’re vacationing on Jamaica, Rick’s is a must-see, even though the secret has gotten out and the bar isn’t only for locals anymore! As Rick (from Casablanca) would say: We think this is the start of a beautiful tradition!