The Best Fudgsicle Of Your Life

Summer is magical time where it seems like anything can happen and the world is alive with sunshine and joy! Just kidding, summer is HOT. And if you don’t know how to beat the heat, either with air conditioning or a pool or frozen treats, you’re in big trouble in most areas of the country. Well, we can’t provide you, dear reader, with a pool or an air conditioning unit, so we had to opt for the recipe to the single most delicious fudgsicles we’ve ever had!

Of course, you have to have a bit of time on your hands… these things aren’t going to freeze themselves! But if you’re willing to put in the effort, these are way WAY better than the store bought variety. The recipe we found comes from and they expect you to have a lot of specific things on hand, like popsicle molds and cornstarch, so if you don’t have a well stocked kitchen/pantry, make sure you read the ingredient list well in advance of attempting these delicious fudgsicles!

Basically what you’re doing is making a super thick hot chocolate on the stove. Throw most of the ingredients together (the sugar, milk, cocoa, and cornstarch) and stir over medium heat until it gets super thick. Take care not to let the mixture boil, however; milk tends to get a burnt flavor if it gets too hot. Take it of the stove and, while still hot, stir in the vanilla and the butter until both melt in smooth to the mixture. While it’s still pourable but cool enough to not melt the plastic, pour into popsicle molds and freeze for at least four hours (though really, the longer the better). Pop them out and enjoy the best way to beat the summer heat we know of!