3 Ingredients to A Healthier You

We all know that the key to a healthy life is the precarious balance between a number of factors, the main ones being sleep, diet, and exercise. It can be hard to get all three exactly right, especially when you’re trying to make a healthier change with one of them. However, this is essential to both your mental and physical health, without which being successful and happy is much harder.

Take sleep as a prime example. When you’re putting in extra effort at work or at home, you start to keep strange hours. You start to think that if you can just finish something before bed, you’ll be much less stressed in the morning. This isn’t usually the case, however, because the tasks pile up and you end up keeping this pattern more often than not. You start getting less sleep, which can lead to more stress and higher blood pressure, and a general feeling of mental fog. And this, of course, means your performance will drop. The only way to combat the pattern is to make a schedule and stick to it; work hard when it’s time to work, and relax just as hard when it’s time for that.

Exercise behaves in a similar way. Sure it takes time out of our busy schedule, when we could be doing other valuable things (like working more or decompressing). However, scheduling a 30 minute workout at some point in your day and then actually following through can have an incredibly positive effect on your stress levels and mental blocks (like depression or malaise). And of course, eating right is essential as well. We all know that we should reach for high protein, low sugar foods to fill us up without dragging us down, but when you’re on the go, the fast food temptation is hard to ignore. However, studies have shown that a healthy lunch can make you more creative, more engaged, and more productive at work. Stop thinking of lunch as something that slows you down, and start thinking of it as an important tool to keep you going!