Most Expensive Beach Vacations

Everyone loves a great beach vacation, and there’s something to be said for paying a little extra for a hotel to make sure you have a comfortable and relaxing time. However, you don’t necessarily want to go to a beach town that’s expensive just because of the hype surrounding it. We’ve got our hands on the most expensive beach cities across the U.S., and while some of them might be worth it, we’re betting there’s a handful that simply aren’t.

For example, Santa Monica is listed as number four, with the average minimum price for a hotel coming in at around $261. You might be thinking, but the beach is one way, the pier another, and hollywood is just four miles inland, right? That’s a steal! Not necessarily. That four miles can be an hour and a half in rush hour traffic, and the beach is pretty blah by LA standards (think Zuma or Malibu instead). This is definitely a place that skates by on reputation, not substance.

That makes Cannon Beach in Oregon the opposite at number three. Though the water is often too chilly to swim, people come here for the long beaches, gorgeous lighthouses, and native puffin nesting grounds, and they’re willing pay a whopping $262/night for it. Montauk is the reigning champion, however, at $312 / night, but the pristine beaches and soothing train ride make this a trip that just might be worth the money.

Number two is Nantucket in Massachusetts, and this one is completely unique-feeling. A tiny fishing village island off of Cape Cod, Nantucket is so picturesque that many consider it worth the base price of $285 / night that you can find there. Rounding out the top 5 is Kennebunkport, Maine, which is where the Bush family home is located. It also boasts plenty of hiking and is seeped in rich New England history.

The most expensive beach town in the U.S., according to the survey, was Montauk, on New York’s Long Island. The average nightly rate for the least expensive double room in a Montauk hotel was a whopping $312. But maybe that’s a small price to pay for such pristine sands.