People Who Have Their Priorities Straight

In the real world, most people barely have time for socialization, let alone cleaning the whole house. It would be great to wake up to a magically clean house, clean dishes and laundry that has found its way into the drawers. Sadly, this does not happen and we find ourselves bogged down in the mundane tasks that we are forever behind in.

However, if you feel you are sinking, chances are your priorities are in better order than you assume. Sometimes it just takes a little reminder to get your head back on straight.

Here are 12 things that people with a good mindset will tell you are true. 

1. Laundry should sit on the couch for at least 3 days.

And should only be moved to make room for Netflix binges.

2. Spot cleaning is still “cleaning.”

At least right before you’re about to have friends over.

3. Don’t use dishwasher until you’ve run out of glasses.

Coffee mugs and wine glasses included.

4. The food in the back of your freezer has been there for more than a year.

And you never plan on eating it.

5. Running your ceiling fan on the highest setting counts as dusting.

At least for everything in the immediate area.

6. You’ve never buffed or waxed a bathtub in your life.

Probably never heard of such a thing

7. You technically don’t have to own a mop.

As long as you have a fresh pack of wet floor wipes handy!

8. Handheld vacuuming is still vacuuming.

As long as you remember to shake out the rugs first.

9. You haven’t swept under your bed in months.

And the dust bunnies love it.

10. A trashcan is only full when you can’t close the lid.

Or you’ve run out of scented candles.

11. Sometimes it’s just easier to buy new socks than to actually do your laundry.

And dish rags and underwear, too.

12. You have to create reminders on your phone to remember to water your plants.

Or you bought a fancy vase that does it for you.