Are You My Mom?

One of these things is not like the other…

Babies are cute- we all LOVE watching puppies and kittens- any baby animal can keep us glued to our screens for hours! Especially, with a story that makes you say AWWWE.

These sweet baby pandas will one day be released into the wild. Before they can, however, someone has to teach them how to be real pandas. Who knows Panda life skills better than a panda mom… but wait… that mom looks a little, stuffed?

That’s right- it is not a mother panda at all. At this zoo in China, a zookeeper dons a panda costume to enter the enclosure with his cute cubs. The babies treat the costumed keeper as if he was their mother, pretending to fight and snuggle.

The cubs do not realize their “mom” is actually teaching them how to socialize and interact with other pandas before they move outside of the zoo. The costume makes them feel nurtured, secure and supported as they are encouraged and corrected and taught to be independent pandas. Zookeepers explain that human interaction hinders a panda’s chance for survival in their natural habitat, which makes the costume imperative to their life skills training.

While being used as a learning tool, it also keeps the stress down by reminding these cuties of their moms.

Take a look at the video below to be wowed by this impromptu family unit.