Beach Picnics Made Easy!

Picnics at the beach are the absolute definition of summer for most of us. And while they’re great, the food has a tendency to be subpar unless your beach is lucky enough to have a snack stand. Sandwiches get soggy, chips get crushed, and every single bite has sand in it because your hands – like your whole body – are sandy. And just like there’s nothing as great as a picnic at the beach, there’s nothing as bad as biting into sand. Just the mere thought of it sets our teeth on edge (no pun intended).

So how can you prevent this catastrophe? Well, if you’re covered in sand, and you need some picnic snacks STAT, the solution is simple: don’t touch your food while eating it. Of course, no one wants to lug real utensils to the beach, and plastic ones are so wasteful, which is why the trusty toothpick is coming back into style! It might seem hard to plan an entire meal around eating with just a toothpick, but trust us: it’ll seem cute and kitschy once you get started. And to get you started, we have some menu suggestions!

What you’re basically creating is a menu of hors devours, right? So let’s draw from the classics! Melon balls and prosciutto are always a super easy but very fancy choice, as is the less used grapes with dubliner cheese (it’s good, we promise!). You can also do a deconstructed bowl of caprese pieces (mozzarella balls, basil, and tomato chunks)! And then for dessert, nothing satisfies in the summer time like fresh fruit, especially tropical types like pineapple and bananas. If you want something denser, go for brownie bites and fresh strawberries and you’re all set! Go try it out, before summer is over!