Compliment Your Coworkers Today!

We all know the value of maintaining good relationships with our coworkers. Not only does it make the workplace a more enjoyable environment, but it also promotes teamwork and positively affects the quality of work we do. However, it’s not enough to connect with your coworkers on a personal level, to befriend them and as about their lives. Studies show that you have to display that you value them as workers and employees as well. It helps them find meaning in their work and want to continue to strive for excellence in the future.

The best way to do this is through compliments (because who doesn’t love compliments!), but you have to be careful to only say things you genuinely think, because it’s very easy for people to call out a fake compliment when they see one. A positive example is to tell a funny work story or call someone a “superstar” when introducing them to a business contact. Or, if you’re creating a new team that has never worked together before, introduce each person not only with their name, but also what valuable things you think they’ll bring to the project.

What if you see someone you think is doing a great job, but somehow in the workplace they’re getting socially undermined by other coworkers (either by being excluded or silenced)? It’s incumbent upon each of us to show those people that they matter, especially when you see them doing good work. Make a point to champion that person’s opinion and ideas, loudly, while always crediting him or her. It benefits the company to hear good ideas, and it’s twice as hard to silence two people as it is one. Plus, you’ll have gained a genuine ally (and perhaps friend) in the process!