Stop Being Busy…Become Valuable

How many hours do you work in a week? 30, 40…60? How much of that time is spent on projects that will simply be repeated the following week? Most individuals think that if they increase the hours that they spend at work, they will increase their productivity. The harder you work, the better, right? Or are you a multi-tasker? Checking messages, listening to a marketing meeting while you are scribbling your grocery list. We are all guilty of falling short of necessary focus to successfully complete what is laid out before us.

The Art of Focus, a program created by Shane Parrish, is touted as showing a feasible process to increase focusing capacity. It allows you to accomplish difficult things by learning to put your full attention on one item at a time, rather than multitasking. The program suggests that multitasking is not possible, rather it is a way to trick yourself into believing you are accomplishing more by doing several things at a time when, in fact, your brain is quickly flipping back and forth between the tasks you are attempting to complete simultaneously, causing fragmentation and not actually completing these things at the same time.

Parrish says that focus is more like a superpower and should be harnessed to achieve extraordinary results. He states you have to do really hard things to accomplish anything in today’s society. You also need to focus your attention on things that matter- things that you will be proud of in the future rather than mundane tasks that you simply repeat with no real positive outcome. You should be deliberate in everything- structuring your time, attacking your schedule, and driving your agenda in the direction you want it to go in.

Focusing is difficult, and like a muscle you must exercise it for it to maintain the strength necessary to allow you to harness its power to achieve great things. The following is the points that the AofF covers, though there is not a lot of detail, the site gives you the opportunity to pay a fee and become a part of the program.

What is The Art of Focus?

The Art of Focus is the art of accomplishing difficult things by learning to put all your attention on one thing at a time. Accomplishing the extraordinary involves:

  1. Deciding where and how you can create real value professionally, and putting other things aside.
  2. Proactively managing the type of work you spend the majority of your time on.
  3. Figuring out effective ways to plan and use your time.
  4. Implementing actual strategies to get people to leave you alone (and not mind doing so).
  5. Creating the right environment so you can focus.