A Beer That Improves Digestion

There are tons of products out today to improve digestion and gut health. Probiotics are invading everything. Well, we knew it was coming and here it is… Probiotic BEER. Yes, beer! Scientists in Singapore have created a probiotic beer that boosts the immune system and improves gut health.

So, in some part of the world, beer just got moved to the healthy list! This was not easy, considering that hops- which are the main ingredient in beer- kills probiotic bacteria. The recipe was perfected after a full year of experimentation with varying levels of hops, malt, alcohol and probiotics. The final product contains Lactobacilus paracasei L26 probiotic strain.  This is not yogurt, folks, this is probiotic BEER! Though it should not replace your probiotic pills or supplements, drinking it will work in conjunction with your digestive regiment instead of against it.

Bubbly, pale and slightly sweet with 3.5 percent alcohol, the beer is still unnamed but the researchers are thrilled about hot it turned out. It is simply a new vehicle for delivering the probiotics and associated health benefits. They say though it is highly incongruous to think of beer in terms of good nutrition, but it is definitely an exciting project for beer enthusiasts throughout the world.