Avacodo Toast: The Million Dollar Brunch Phenomenon

Avocados are a superfood, so they’re generally considered to be very healthy…for everything apparently except your wallet. One of America’s favorite foods is avocado toast, and to be fair, who would refuse eating something so tasty and healthy at the same time? A hot favourite among the millennial generation, avocado toast makes for an excellent item for brunch. In fact, it’s gained so much popularity that Americans are spending almost a million dollars per month on it.

In a report published recently by Square (a payment processing company), Americans are spending around $900,000 each month on avocado toast. This trend is fairly recent too, with monthly sales in 2014 sitting around $17000 compared to sales in the month of June 2017, which stood at $890500. Square also says that these numbers are only for sales performed on its platform, so the actual number would be even more daunting considering people also use payment services and even cash too for purchases.

The research work was performed by Square after Australian billionaire Tim Gurner’s comment on the show “60 minutes”. Tim Gurner spent some time on the show criticising avocado toast and calling it a major reason why millennials can’t afford to purchase homes for themselves. He also blamed millennials for being too indulgent in their early life, and wasting their money on “buying smashed avocado for $19” and overpriced coffees.

Soaring interest rates and higher tuition fees aside, Gurner may in fact have a point. In their research, Square found out that the average avocado toast cost around $7, with prices ranging from as high as around $18 to as low as $2. Ok but who cares, Avocado toast is healthy right? Well sure, and in moderation (like all things), it’s a harmless treat. But $7 for brunch every morning can definitely add up over time. All things considered, you don’t have to completely give up on avocado toast, but perhaps it might be a good idea to give your wallet a break every now and then. If you need to get your fix a lot more often than that, consider making your own avocado toast some mornings, as opposed to buying it from your local cafe at 2x to 3x the price.