Fueling Creativity Through Acceptance

Rick Fiery and Tom Bergeron are two entrepreneurs who have created a successful think tank using divergent thinkers. They have developed a business, called InventiveLabs, designed to find and develop creative, non-traditional thinkers, many of whom have “slipped through the cracks” in the realm of big corporations and even colleges.

The business incubator, housed in Amesbury Massachusetts, focuses on neuro-divergent entrepreneurs. Many, but not all, with conditions such as dyslexia, ADHD, or Autism. They help these individuals to create a business model around their ideas. Since its inception, the incubator has launched 8 startup companies. InventiveLabs also won the  2016 “Excellence in Leadership” Award from the (International Dyslexia Association) IDA!

“We’ve come to realize that acceptance is such a powerful component of what we do,” Bergeron says. “Acceptance fuels creativity and breaks down many barriers. There is still a stigma around neuro-diversity. We find the individuals who are willing to stand up and say they view the world differently are the ones who make great entrepreneurs.”

According to their website, a few of the items listed on their mission statement are:

  • help people identify their passion and assists them in turning it into a livelihood.
  • Inventives! They are people that think way outside the box.
  • Some of our clients may have a learning difference like ADHD, dyslexia or autism; some may not.
  • All “brain types” are welcome to join us, as the combination of different thinkers can lead to amazing things!
  • We provide acceptance, mentorship, guidance and support for those looking to find a new direction for their life story.

On their website, www.inventivelabs.org, they have challenges and contests that allow people to gain a chance to have their business funded through inventivelabs. These contests are available to teams, individuals, or college aged students who fit into the categories provided. Take time to check out this worthy organization.