Years Of Infertility Leads To Miracle!

Alex and Gabe knew that they wanted to start a family right away after their marriage. And, for the next 4 years, they tried. They underwent multiple rounds of fertility treatments and in-vitro fertilization. Gabe, wanting to do all he could, visited a urologist, and Alexis changed her diet. Sadly, after their continued efforts, they suffered two miscarriages and many more negative pregnancy tests.

The couple decided to try adoption when a viable pregnancy did not seem to be in the cards, but they knew they were supposed to be parents.  Sadly, more heartbreak came as they found adoption to be  just as difficult and painful as their struggles with infertility. On more than one occasion, the couple would celebrate upon finding that a child was waiting, only to be devastated when the adoption fell through.

Even after all of the failures, the couple never gave up. They never considered that they would not be parents. They just wondered how much pain they would have to endure before their dream became a reality.

Their infertility struggle was documented on a show called The Doctors. After their initial visit to the show, they returned a second time to announce that they had received a call from an adoption agency and finally their dream of parenthood was coming true. They were getting a baby!

That, in itself, was a miracle. However, just a week after their announcement, a second miracle happened.

Alexis, who was no longer on fertility treatments, discovered that she was pregnant!

What a blessing for a family that waited so long to be blessed with not one, but two babies!

“It’s a miracle,” Alexis said joyfully. “It was meant to be!”