7 Ways To Be An Effective Mentor

A silhouette of two business people helping each other up a cliff.

Being a mentor to someone can be just as rewarding as having a mentor. So, how do you do it effectively?

Mentors have found that they find deeper insight into life and leadership by mentoring others.

1. Create a safe space.

As with any relationship, mentoring only works if both parties are dedicated. Mentors should learn to listen and create a safe, nonjudgmental space for learning to happen.

2. Get to know your mentee.

An optimal mentor takes time to get to know the mentees goals, strenghts and weaknesses so that they can lead them to a path of sucess.

3. Share your experience.

Sharing your experiences not only brings you to a higher level of self-awareness, but also helps the mentee to see that you have traveled the path that you are now guiding them down.

4. Ask questions.

When you begin by asking the right questions, you can focus on the real issues and separate the essential from the non-essential.

5. Create a life strategy.

Allow your mentee to focus on six essential elements: economics, values, lifestyle, passion, skill, and demand. This will help them to create a framework for their career and life.

6. Tell stories.

Instead of coming out and giving specific advice, help your mentee to relate by telling stories of your, and others, experiences that relate to issues your mentee is facing.

7. Park your ego.

Many find mentorship leaving them vulnerable to sharing mistakes they have made and problems they have had. Remember, you have succeed through all that life has thrown at you and that is what you need to teach your mentee. Leave your mistakes in the past, only using them during teachable moments to help your mentee along the way.