Banana Splits Are Back… For Breakfast!

Who doesn’t love banana splits? They’re fruity, they’re gooey, they have delicious smooth ice cream paired with the crunch of nuts and the thick sweetness of the banana… YUM. They also have a lot of calories and other adults seem to frown on you having them for breakfast, even though you’re totally an adult yourself and you can make your own decisions and eat whatever you want!

However, if you want to enjoy this sweet treat for breakfast and want to maybe be more grown up about how you eat it, we have some options for you that are still yummy and sweet but have less fat and sugar than, well… ice cream. First, we go with yogurt. Greek yogurt is best; while it’s a little sour, it has so much protein in it and is so creamy that it has the texture of real ice cream! Next, you definitely need lots of fruit (hello, bananas are in the name!), but you can totally go crazy on this one. Remember that the more fruit you use, the better it will taste, so try some fun combos like kiwi and mangos or mixed berries to liven it up!

If you’re dead set on dessert for breakfast, you can definitely add chocolate syrup or chocolate chips, but try to balance it with things that have sweetness and protein, like peanut butter or coconut. Honey is a good alternative to syrups, and granola is an excellent substitute for chopped nuts. Assemble at will and watch your coworkers gasp with envy as you enjoy a banana split for breakfast (just like 10 year old you always dreamed you would)!