Best Craft Invention in Years!

Attention, DIYers: there’s a new crafting product on the market, and its versatile, adorable, and cheap; in other words, everything we love! The product is called washi tape, and you’ve probably seen it crowding the shelves of your favorite craft or fabric store. It’s brightly colored and looks like masking tape and ribbon had a baby, but it’s actually made out of plant fibers (usually bamboo or hemp). It’s slightly sticky, pretty soft, and can be used as anything from wallpaper to stationary! These are some of our favorite washi tape uses; what are yours?

Striped Bike:

Why not start big? This was just an ordinary used bike before washi tape came along and turned it into a hipster’s dream! Now it looks like a beach cruiser meets an ice cream truck, a combo we never knew we always wanted!



Nail Polish Alternative:

You could get something similar to this at a nail salon, but we guarantee that it won’t be this cheap ($2-$10) or that you’ll be able to remove it just as easily.


Car Map for the Kiddos:

Everyone grew up with that same rug that had roads and buildings on it for playing cars, but this customizable version will delight your kids even more! You can make it a map of your neighborhood or let them draw their own city and then tear it up again!


Create some super simple DIY jewelry with patterns you love, like this adorable feather earrings in funky bright patterns!