Disabled Vet Blessed with Amazing Gift

An especially considerate gift from an anonymous neighbor left one military family in tears. Christopher Garrett was serving as a combat engineer in Afghanistan when he was shot in the stomach. He was medically retired and received a 100 percent disability rating, meaning even simple everyday tasks were made more difficult because of his injury.

Christopher hoped to return to normal life and be a contributing member of his family, including normal tasks like mowing the lawn. However his old fashioned push mower made it a struggle for him to complete even that. When his wife Brittany came home to find him crying outside she immediately assumed something was wrong. Instead she discovered this note:

A kind anonymous neighbor had noticed Christopher struggling with the old push motor and gifted the family with a brand new John Deere riding lawn mower so he could “save time for the things that matter most”. What a truly considerate and generous way to thank a member of our armed forces for their service and sacrifice!  

The family was truly shocked and overwhelmed by this generosity. Christopher will now spend less time struggling with that one task allowing him more time as a father and a husband. Saving this veteran some time and pain must have been truly rewarding for the still anonymous neighbor as well.