Stabilize Your Life – With Food

Cookbook author and holistic chef Laura Lea Goldberg has a morning routine that most of us probably don’t think we could handle. She gets up at the crack of dawn – and that isn’t a euphemism, she literally rises with the sun. She takes a moment to be grateful for everything she has, which isn’t that weird of a thing to do; after all, we all know we should take a meditative moment in the morning, though I imagine most of us just hit the snooze. Then she sips lemon and strawberry water, makes organic rye toast with almond butter, and makes a smoothie that includes things like collagen peptides and frozen kale.

While she might acknowledge that this isn’t how everyone can eat 100% of the time, Laura knows the benefits it can produce, not just for how you wake up but for your alertness levels all throughout the day. The calm, peaceful chef used to be a hungover, exhausted young adult (weren’t we all) and she really felt the drag that that lifestyle, combined with eating habits that were sporatic and greasy at best, were causing her.

She had a job she didn’t like, absolutely no money, and she had fallen into the classic rhythm of grabbing something sugary to eat, riding that wave and then the subsequent crash, and repeating all over again. It took Laura making her own food (mostly vegetarian because of her tight budget) and selecting the most wholesome ingredients to realize that she could stabilize her moods (and, in some respects, her life) with the right foods. Making a complete change immediately can be hard at first – the amount of meal prep is certainly daunting – but it’s worth it for the levels of stress and anxiety that a balanced diet relieves.