These Foods Cause Break Outs

Those of us without naturally clear skin know that it can be a struggle to get our face to behave. We were told we would grow out of it as teenagers, and now that we’re on the wrong side of 25 (or, ahem… 35), we’ll try anything to prevent breakouts. Having a clean face is important, of course, and hydration is paramount, but beyond soap and water, what can you really do for your skin? Well, a Dr. Frank Lipman of Los Angeles, California believes that the clarity and brightness of your skin depends heavily on your diet.

Dairy is a real kicker. Dr. Lipman says that because cows produce hormones when they’re lactating (just like humans, by the way), those hormones can effect our skin when we eat milk or cheese, causing us to break out. He recommends a switch to nut cheese or nutritional yeast, which have none of those hormones. Another big deal is sugar, which anyone who’s ever dieted knows is a no-no. This includes juices, however, which most people forget to cut out. Fruit juices have all the natural sugars of their original form, but none of the fiber that helps us break that sugar down appropriately. The spike in insulin reeks havoc on our skin. Smoothies made with nut butters and coconut milk are a much better option.

Dr. Lipman also recommends that you cut back on your carbohydrates, especially those that are processed (like white breads and baked goods, sweetened cereals and crackers). These can also spike your insulin because your body treats them like sugar, and usually they have salts or processed oils in them that cause inflammation. Inflammation, it seems, is a direct cause of acne. Basically, the more seeds and nuts you see in a bread product, the better it will be for you and for your skin!