European Woman Goes Viral After A Crazy Mistake Sends Her To The ER

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done that’s landed you in the ER? If you’re like most people, then chances are it wasn’t anything near as crazy as what happened to a lady from Eastern Europe, whose circumstances quickly went viral. In the photograph that made its rounds on popular social media sites, a woman in otherwise good health is seen with her hair loaded with builder’s foam. The unidentified woman most likely mixed up her can of builders foam and hairspray, resulting in this hilariously unfortunate ER visit.

If you aren’t familiar with builders foam, it’s absolutely not meant to be a substitute for normal hair care products. The foam is used to prevent leaks, fill gaps, and even as a strong adhesive. It’s certainly not something you’d want in contact with any part of your body, let alone your hair. Unlike hairspry, you can’t just rinse out the builder foam either. It’s made to last so the foam is pretty much impossible to remove. We don’t know what ended up happening with the woman, but hopefully the hospital she visited was well equipped to aid in handling the issue.