The Rising Tide Of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing – the practice of having an influential person not always associated with your brand help sell it – is on the rise. 55% of marketing firms plan to spend more next year on influencer marketing than they did this year, and 57% of companies not currently using influencer marketing plan to do so in the coming three years.

But what’s causing this explosion of what seems like personality cults? Surely social media is a huge player. Having charismatic, knowledgeable people appear directly into your phone or tablet and talk to you in a fun, exciting way about a product builds a one-way trust that’s hard to beat. It’s authentic when done correctly, and authenticity is one of the leading factors that contributes to digital marketing success.

“The world is heading in a direction where consumers expect personalization,” says Brian Solis, analyst at Altimeter. “Influencer marketing should be a service of marketing teams working externally with the right influencers in the right context and internally with customer-facing teams, to integrate the customer journey across every touchpoint. That is the answer.” In other words, they’re a stepping stone between business and consumer, and one that might not be noticeably essential to people unfamiliar with the ever-changing digital marketplace. However, it’s quickly becoming apparent that influencers are an important and handy tool to reach out to and collect new customers.