This Castle in Nashville is Actually a Recording Studio

Driving past the Castle Recording Studio is sure to draw your attention, and maybe even a double take. The stone fortress seems to reside in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by the rolling hills and lush greenery of Tennessee. The castle was built in 1930 by Al Capone and originally operated as an illegal gambling casino for traveling gangsters between Chicago and Florida or New Orleans. This interesting detail of the castle’s history still adorns the walkway, where rocks with gambling symbols are incorporated in the stone.

In the 1940’s the castle was a restaurant with clientele such as Bob Hope, Spencer Tracy, and other actors who might be in the area for filming. In 1979, a European bluegrass group, the Nuyens family, acquired the property and founded the Castle Recording Studios on the premises in 1982.

Almost every big name in country music, from George Strait to youngin’ Huner Hayes, and hundreds of famous artists from around the world have recorded albums at The Castle. It continues to attract artists wishing to use the space to record away from the busy city and Nashville, escaping into the idyllic setting complete with a hammock out back.