What To Do With Old Furniture

We love getting new furniture (hello, redecorating!) but getting rid of our old furniture is a pain in the buttocks. It’s heavy, you don’t want to look at it now that we have new stuff, and if you don’t have a truck, getting it anywhere beyond the garden gate is a nightmare. You could just drop unwanted furniture on the curb, but it’s unsightly, and some cities charge to take it away. What’s a person to do?

Yard Sale

Well, luckily, we’re living in what old scifi movies simply defined as “the future” and you bet your butt there’s an app for that. OfferUp allows you to post your furniture (or whatever) online for potential buyers in literal seconds and protects both buyers and sells by only allowing communication in-app. VarageSale is similar, but allows in-app purchasing as well! If apps aren’t your thing, try MoveLoot. You have to hang onto your stuff for a while, but the company lists it for you and then comes to pick it up and deliver when it sells!

If you don’t care about making money from your old furniture, a lot of donation places will come and pick it up, right from your house! You’ll have to coordinate with them on when and where, but organizations like the Salvation Army offer this service for free. A different type of donation, FreeCycle is trying to fight pollution by encouraging less trash and more donation. They have groups in most major cities who are just waiting to pick up the furniture you don’t want. And that brings us to the old standby, Craigslist “free stuff.” This one probably reaches the most people, although it does require organization on your part. But hey, you can arrange to have the other party pick up, so you keep your hands clean after all!