Up Your Mixology Game Today!

Ice cold beverages on a hot day are the absolute best. Watered down beverages caused by ice melting on a hot day are not. Hipster coffee bars have figured out the solution to this of course: freeze some coffee (or iced tea) overnight, and use those cubes to keep your beverage cold! Of course, they charge extra for this, because of course they do, but you can do the same at home! Simply make an extra pot of coffee one day, let it cool to room temperature, and pour it into your molds to freeze!

This is all basic stuff, right? Well, you can use the same concept to be the absolute most impressive host in history. Everyone enjoys a fancy cocktail (or mocktail), and you can always up your drink-mixing game by preparing ice cubes that fit with the drink you’re mixing that day. If you’re making whiskey sours, make ice cubes with lemon and simple syrup (or even just lemonade) and add a marachino cherry in the center of each one with the stem poking out! They’ll be easy to left and once they melt the drinker will have a sweet surprise! You can do the same with edible flowers or herbs like violets, mint, or basil, and as they melt into the drink it will become more (not less!) flavorful!

Also, while liquor doesn’t freeze in a normal freezer, beer and wine do just fine, so go ahead and make oranges and Belgian lager cubes or white wine and raspberry ones! You could even make sangria ice cubes and fill a pitcher ahead of time so it seems like it is constantly refreshing itself while staying ice cold! Go crazy, and don’t forget to show off your mixology skills with pics in the comments!