30 Days to a New You!

There are a lot of diets out there, but a lot of them start out with a strict period right at the very beginning to jump start the diet and help you curb your cravings immediately. The thinking seems to be that if you can make it through these weeks of “diet bootcamp,” you’ll be able to start reintroducing foods back into your diet without going overboard. Emily Cappiello, a food writer and self-proclaimed “social media maven” decided to test this theory out recently when she went on the Whole30 diet, which requires participants to give up sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, and soy and dairy from their diets for 30 days.

As a food critic (and a normal human being who loves to eat), you might think that Emily agonized about the decision to try this out before she did it, but she actually just ripped off the bandaid without much hesitation, and she recommends you do too. If you’re even a little interested in trying a diet, you should just go for it, Emily recommends; otherwise, you just come up with reasons for why it will be hard. And if you’re fully on board, you’re friends and family will be, too. When you show them that you’re firm about sticking to your diet, they’ll be more inclined to accommodate you.

Emily has some further tips for a diet like this, not the least of which is to plan for nights out. Make sure there’s something on the menu before you show up to a restaurant so you aren’t left out or forced to cheat. Also, always have some go-to staples on hand (hers were eggs for protein, frozen blueberries for sweetness). Be sure to meal prep so you’re prepared for the days ahead, and remind yourself that it’s only 30 days. You got this, and afterwards, what was hard is now a habit already in place! Check out Emily’s before and after photos below!