Blog Like The Best of ‘Em

Have you ever read someone’s blog and then thought, I could do that! But the second you get to typing, self-doubt creeps in and you start to wonder, why would anyone else want to read this? I’m no expert in anything, I’m just typing out things I think are true. What do I really have to offer?

First of all, those questions completely miss the point of a blog, but they can be crippling to the point of paralyzing you, so you never publish anything. If you struggle with this, do what professional blogger Declan Wilson did, and consider your blogs “learning out loud.” In other words, think of your blog as a documentation of your process of learning something. You can be extremely meta and decide that thing is “blogging,” but most people want to start a blog around a particular subject. In that case, perhaps your blogs show how much you’re proficiency is growing in that subject.

This gets us to the exact point of a blog. If people wanted a dry how-to explanation of something, they would look at wikihow. We read blogs because they’re personal; they’re a window into someone else’s real experiences, failures and successes. In this sense, your blog doesn’t have to be perfect, or always even show you in the best light. What readers reward most in their writers is honesty and stories that ring true. If you’re going to take the “learning out loud” approach, challenge yourself to try new things, leave your comfort zone, and document what happens. Your writing, and your reader base, will thank you for it.