Best Classic Chrome Plug-Ins

Google Chrome is still our favorite browser, despite some of the drawbacks like that it slows your computer down or that it requires extra security. Part of the reason we still hang on to it is that it processes the internet into a much more convenient place for us, thanks to it’s delectable plug-ins. For instance, AdBlock Plus is an extension that does exactly what it sounds like: blocks all those annoying pop-up ads. Or what about Panic Button, which immediately hides all the browsing windows you have open, but saves them for you to reopen later. Perfect for work, right?

Simple Blocker is one of our favorites, because it allows you to block access (and thus, updates) from certain domains for a specified period of time. It’s basically your mom standing over your shoulder and telling you to focus! We also love Search By Image, which is what our curiosity was crying out for for years. Now if you find a fascinating photo on the internet, you don’t have to try to describe it in the search bar to find out more.

And Grammarly is super essential because it’s a spell-and-grammar-check for everything, including social media posts. We have spell check on most things now, but only word processing programs will tell you if your sentences aren’t grammatically correct, unless you have Grammarly!

This are just a few of our favorite chrome plug-ins, and most of them are considered classics now! We can’t wait to see what else this browser can do for us in the future!