The Hidden Problems With Healthy Eating

In our fast-moving lives, nutritious eating often falls to the end of the to-do lists that make up our lives. We have to make time for workouts, shopping for healthy foods, and cooking nutritious meals on top of everything else that vies for our time.

In an effort to meet today’s demands, we are finding more “convenience” type markets moving to deliver quickly accessible foods with premium ingredients for consumers on the move.

We have also seen a large growth in meal-delivery services and subscriptions that deliver nutritious meal options right to our door.

Fast food establishments have also stepped up to the plate, increasing their healthy options and adding fresh juices as an option in the place of sugar filled sodas.

The negatives of on-the-go nutrition

As we seek out the convenient healthy meals that our busy lifestyles call for, we never stop to think of the waste associated with the pre-packaged foods we are consuming. Our only goal being to eat healthy and do it quickly. Even those mailed meal services and subscriptions are wrapped in unrecyclable film and plastic containers. Cardboard is recyclable, but the other contents will find their way into landfills or water-ways, poisoning our ecosystems and, ultimately, our planet.

Recyclable packaging.

Seek out brands that not only cater to your nutritional needs, but also commit to a healthy environment by using recyclable packaging.

Fast food doesn’t have to mean drive thru.

Taking time to sit down for lunch can be peaceful as well as environmentally friendly!

Prepare meals at home in advance.

Don’t have time to shop? Many grocers now allow online ordering and pickup. Purchase healthy foods and prepare your lunches in advance for the week.

Make a mental shift towards healthy eating not only for yourself but for the planet as well. Reduce waste and support the environment while eating healthy and taking care of yourself.