10 Minutes to a Better Morning

Starting the morning with a stretch is something most of us do unconsciously, and it really does your body good. Think about it: you’ve been lying mostly still for hours, and your muscles are all tight from not being used. Stretching allows them to wake up slowly, just like you do with your brain (you wouldn’t jump right into doing calculous without coffee first, right?). That’s why we think you should do more for your muscles in the morning and do yoga when you first wake up!

Don’t worry, we’re not saying you need to do a full hour-long class every morning; just 10 minutes is all your body needs to stretch out and wake up fully. You can start buy just warming up: sit cross-legged on the ground or a pillow and focus on your breathing for a minute. Close your eyes if it helps, but don’t fall back asleep! Move into rotating all your joints, from your wrists and neck to your hips and ankles. Don’t forget your neck, and do sit up straight – this should help a little with any back or neck cricks you got during the night.

Now for the actual stretches: mix it up! We think you should start with downward dog because it really is a full body stretch that benefits everything, but after that you can do any yoga pose you’d like! The point is to wake up your whole body, so make sure you pick stretches that target each region, like side planks and pigeon. However, if you have favorites, by all means incorporate those! We love finishing with child’s pose (who doesn’t?!). Come back to your sitting pose, give yourself another ten breaths or so to calm down, and then get on with your day! Easy peasy!