A Kayak… Suitcase?

Travelling with your sports gear can be a huge hassle. It can be really useful and exciting to own big items like surf boards, skis, or kayaks at your home, but if you ever want to do those sports in another part of the world, you have two options: pay an exorbitant amount to get your equipment to the destination or leave it behind and rent it when you get there. Until now, that is. In an extraordinarily successful Kickstarter campaign that saw them earning 128% of their goal, new company Pakayak has a solution.

They designed a kayak that can be broken into six parts… and fit together inside each other to create a backpack or rolling suitcase that can be checked onto a plane! Pakayak (which, by the way, is just super fun to say outloud) claims that the kayak can be assembled in under 5 minutes, from a 3.5ft suitcase to a 14ft watertight seaworthy vessel! How insane is that? This also means that kayak enthusiasts no longer have to have a garage to store their giant boat in; even if you live in an apartment, you can break down your kayak and store it in a closet easily and without fuss!

However, convenience and good design doesn’t come cheap, and these kayaks are only available by pre-order right now, for about $1,700 per unit! This is expensive, but isn’t outrageous compared to models that do similar things; Oru Kayak is made out of foldable plastic canvas and runs anywhere from $1,100-$2,100. Would you buy one of these gorgeous kayaks?