How Social Media Boosts B2B!

It’s getting harder and harder to be in the B2B Sales Business. B2B is business-to-business, and sales people in this niche industry only get called back about 1% of the time (and their emails only get OPENED about 25% of the time). It’s hard to say exactly why this is, but the prevailing theory is that salespeople are seen more and more as in business for themselves, instead of focusing on their customer’s needs. This may have flown in the past, but with social media and the increased interconnectivity of the world, buyers don’t have to settle for a second rate B2B company.

Therefore, if you’re looking to break into the B2B business (and now is an excellent time, because it’s in a bit of an upheaval), social media contact with clients should be a norm for you. Buyers can use social media to assess the product you’re offering, and they’ll appreciate both the personal contact and the tech savvy you display by reaching out to them this way. You also have a better shot at creating a personal connection with a client before they decide exactly what they want, which means you can help shape the sell (and have a chance to display the focus on customer’s needs that is essential in today’s climate).

The best part of using social media as part of your salesforce is that you can create a bridge between your marketing and sales teams, and that is bound to increase productivity and creativity in both. Get everyone focused on the same goals and using the same tools and your B2B company will be a force to be reckoned with!