Practices To Becoming A Great Leader!

Maybe you’re leading a team, in charge of a large organization or you’re just trying to lead your own life. What is it that leaders actually do?


Great leaders envision a compelling and vibrant future. They have an alternative, clear view of what the world could be like. They have a shared purpose that they believe others would be compelled by, interested in, inspired by and want to work toward.


As you’re developing this vision, remember that it’s not just your vision. Enlist other people to share their voices, their perspective, their dreams and desires. The most important leadership lesson in the world is that people support what they create.


Leaders stand for something. There is a congruence between who they are, the behaviors they’re enacting into the world, how they treat people, what they’re working toward and what they say is important. It’s integrity. There’s nothing more important is there? You don’t believe the message unless you believe the messenger.

Strong confident woman.


Empowerment means giving people the decision-making authority and trust to be able to work toward this vision. It means allowing them the autonomy, strength and input. It means equipping them with the knowledge, skills, abilities, technology, tools and training to allow them to succeed as they march with us to achieve something extraordinary and phenomenal.


Evaluation is one of the hardest things we do in leadership. To evaluate the key people who are with us, their contributions. To evaluate their skills, needs and the ethics that are going on in our organization, in our team.


Be the champion. Be the cheerleader. Be the person always motivating, inspiring and uplifting. You need to encourage on a continual basis and light people up.

Never stop being the voice of positivity. Always turn a negative into a positive and champion people, the mission and the cause.

That’s leadership. The six E’s: Envision, Enlist, Embody, Empower, Evaluate, Encourage.