The Best Pickled Oddities

Pickled foods are somewhat of an acquired taste; you either love them or you hate them. Most cultures around the world pickle some sort of vegetable as a way to seal in the nutrients and make the food last, but lately the practice of fermenting vegetables has become a hip thing to try at home, and small-time chefs are trying their hands at all kinds of pickling, from the classic to the downright bizarre. This means that the internet has been flooded with all kinds of new recipes, from pickled red onions you can eat straight out of the jar to pickled watermelon rinds (which are as odd as they sound).

For the watermelon, add your rinds to a jar with four cups of water and 3 tbls of salt. Warm winter spices like cinnamon and cloves come next (trust us, in a weird way they work!) and then let the whole concoction ferment, sealed, in the fridge for about 6 weeks. Also, pro tip: make sure you don’t use table salt, which can inhibit the fermentation process because it kills bacteria (from the iodine inside). Sea salt or kosher salt is best.

If you want to impress your friends, we suggest pickled garlic, which is tangy and mild in a way you probably won’t expect unless you’ve had it before. This one gets lots of subtle spices from a lemon wedge, bay leaves, dill, and red pepper flakes, and leaves everyone wanting more. Find the full recipe here.