Google’s New Algorithm Means Change

Big news if you have any kind of commercial website: Google is going to change it’s algorithm for handling web traffic, and it could impact how people find literally any website. In fact, you may need an entirely new site just to appeal to the monolithic search engine’s new formula more acutely! But before you run screaming to call your I.T. guy, take a deep breath. The change won’t come for many months yet, and you’ll have plenty of warnings. Consider this one your first.

The biggest change that Google is implementing is a mobile-first policy, meaning that for the first time they’ll consider traffic from mobile devices more important than that from desktop or stationary setups. Google is making this transition because, as you might have guessed, mobile web users have surpassed their stationary counterparts, and access to the internet’s most popular search engine should reflect that. And your website should too. To ensure that your traffic doesn’t drop when the change does happen, pay a lot more attention to your mobile site now. Get one if you don’t already have one, and optimize (read: redesign) your mobile site for a mobile interface, which is more than making it user-friendly.

Once the actual structure of the site is adjusted, you should change your content in simple, easy-to-fix ways. Make paragraphs shorter (so they’re easier to read on small screens) and consider using more visual content, as long as they’re properly cropped for “portrait” viewing. Once you’re thinking like a mobile user, instead of someone who uses the traditional landscape or television-shaped monitor, the changes will be no-brainers! Make them now so when Google makes the switch, you won’t be caught unawares!