For Websites, Simpler Is Always Better

You know that an online presence is essential to the success of your business. Yet it’s not enough to have just any old website; a recent study by Blue Corona asserts that 48% of people judge a business’s credibility by the design of it’s website, and that’s not a number to balk at. So how can you ensure that your website gets the stamp of approval from the hundreds of millions of consumers out there? One word: simplicity.

You may think that more is better, but with an increasing majority of people browsing the web on mobile devices, the cleaner a website can be, the better. Successful sites look less cluttered and more classic, they’re always reader-friendly and easy to figure out. Though you (as a consumer) may not consciously realize it, they also take away the slimy feeling that someone is trying to sell you a product. Users feel like they’re at your site because they want to be; no one is pushing them to shop.

Simple websites also create a great first impression of your business and help to foster trust between you and your consumers. They’ll know immediately what to expect of your site from using it just once, and that means they’re more likely to use it again. And then there’s the practical benefits to a simple website. They’re cheaper to create and cheaper to host. They load more quickly and are easier to update or fix on the back end. The bottom line is, simple websites save you money in the design and construction phase, and they make you more money once they’re live. What’s not to like about that?