Top Features On iPhone And iPad

Apple’s iPhone trio for 2017 will be the first phones to launch with the new operating system. If you’re not planning to upgrade to a iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, you’ll get iOS 11 upgrade on Sept. 19.

What’s new

1. AR {augmented reality} on iPhone and iPad

Why we care: This kind of deep software supports rumors that Apple is going to add a lot more computing power to the iPhone camera.

2. Siri upgrades

Why we care: Apple’s Siri assistant has lagged behind Google’s (and even Amazon’s Alexa). Prediction and translation help close the gap a little.

3. Camera app changes mean more pics

Why we care: The most important change is that you’ll be able to save more photos and videos.

4. Control Center shrinks to one panel

Why we care: This should be easier to use by putting the controls in one place.

5. Lock screen and notification center become one

Why we care: This should give you a more convenient glance at alerts.

6. iMessage will sync convos better

Why we care: Less clutter.

7. Use Apple Pay to get money to friends

Why we care: You can pay your buddy back for dinner without having to sign into a new service.

8. Apple Maps indoors

Why we care: You might not get as lost finding the pretzel stand on your way to the gate.

9. Apple CarPlay wants to help keep you from crashing

Why we care: Distracted driving is bad news for road safety. This is a step in the right direction.

10. Apple Music is better

Why we care: You can set up surround-sound in your home with speakers you already have.