6 New Favorite Food Destinations

It’s undeniable that food can trigger memories, and now studies are also confirming this phenomenon. Whether its back to mom’s kitchen or your last vacation a familiar scent is the bridge to take you back. In this way, food can literally take you places. For a truly memorable food vacation, check out some of our new favorite food destinations sure to please any true foodie with memories for years to come.

Sri Lanka

Between an explosion of street food in Kandy and the freshest array of seafood available Sri Lankan food is sure to create some lasting memories. Packed with spices and textures with flavors ranging from sweet and sour deviled fish to egg hoppers, a crunchy coconut snack, these powerful flavors are sure to linger.


A tour through Turkey will not only take you through varied landscapes but a never-ending feast will surely ensue. Enjoy manti – a spiced yogurt dumpling, spiced kebabs, and gozleme – also known as the bread of the gods. Be sure to sample kunefe, a dessert of cheese and pistachio on a perfectly balanced dough. Across the country from Istanbul to Goreme to Bodrum you will never be short on flavors.


Georgian food is a treat we cannot find enough of in the western countries. The unique combinations of fruits such as peaches and plums paired with lamb along with a variety of rich stews, game and creams with unique elements to delight your senses will be sure to have you begging for recipes to take home a relive.


Long the country of choice for travel food bloggers you’ll experience both the traditional Pho dishes in the north while the south will introduce you to some Chinese and Cambodian influences. With a rich array of flavors often curated in a lovingly crafted stock your senses will delight weaving your way through the culinary world of Vietnam.


An article on food destinations would hardly be complete without a mention of France. The southern lands are certainly known for their gastronomy as much as for the beauty and class. Engulf yourself in deep rooted French recipes in Avignon or travel to the coast for North African influences, your senses will be forever marked with the experience.