Tips For The Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Consider these tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Why LinkedIn?

As “the network for professionals” with 107 million users in the U.S., many of whom have neither Twitter or Facebook, this is the best way for potential connects


Create a list of targeted keywords that you think prospects and potential connections might actually search.


Images need to be current and professional. People identify you by your image, and it will help some people decide whether to further a conversation with you.

Contact Information

Make sure you’re consistent and professional, and have your full name with proper capitalization, your email address, phone number, website, Skype and Twitter accounts. 

Make Your Profile Visible

Make sure that anyone can view your profile, whether they’re logged in or not. Offer alternative languages as needed


Do a check every month so that you can connect with people you’ve emailed recently.

Update Your Background

Summaries that have more than 40 words makes you more likely to turn up in appropriate searches.

Add Media / Links

Media can include images, links or video, and serve to help educate and engage visitors.

Review Skills & Endorsements

Members who include skills and utilize this section receive 13x more views.

Move Sections Around

Sections of your profile can be moved, allowing you to customize and prioritize the information you present

Projects and Publications

Show off some of your work, showing clients what you’ve done for other similar businesses.


Recommendations can go a long way toward establishing your expertise with potential prospects.

Status Updates

Your connections expect you to provide real value and professional content. Share blog posts as well as news and information that relates to your business and is of interest to your followers

Regularly Publish Posts

Use the blogging platform within the network which allows you to craft and publish posts like you would on your own blog.

Check Your Profile on Mobile and Embeds

Take a few moments to open the LinkedIn app on your device and review your own profile.