Could You Spend Weeks on a Train?

Taking a train trip across America seems like an incredibly romantic thing to do. We get visions of Victorian people traveling from Boston to San Francisco for weeks on end in the 19th century, looking out the windows as industrialized cities fade into cornfields and prairie. Well, you can still take those same trips, although they’re faster and the view has (slightly) changed over the decades. They’re still an incredible way to see the country, but they aren’t for everyone.

For example, the rooms are absolutely tiny, as in “we’re sleeping in a closet” small. However, they do come with most of the perks of a normal hotel room, with the added benefit that the porter is always close by with coffee or ice. And while the bottom bunk is a normal bed, the top one has a harness-like apparatus that keeps you from falling out of bed when the train rocks. It might be hard to get to sleep under that.

However, the dining is a definite perk. The food is usually delicious, and because you’re traveling with the same group of people, it’s very easy to make friends in the common areas like the dining car. Plus, certain rooms allow you to bring alcohol with you, so you don’t have to pay for drinks! You should decide ahead of time on what activities you want to occupy you, because although the views are incredible, you’ll need to entertain your brain as well. Cards, games, puzzles – all are great options for staying busy when you can’t look out the window anymore. And of course, the best perk is stopping in different cities along the way, seeing what they have to offer, and then hopping back on your home-away-from-home to be off to the next adventure!