A Harry Potter Fan’s Must See!

It’s been 20 years since the first book about The Boy Who Lived came out, but fans are no less obsessed with his story than they were in 1997. Harry Potter isn’t just a book series, or a movie series, or theme parks; for the people with whom J.K. Rowling’s books truly resonated, Harry Potter is a way of life. It should come as no surprise, then, that fans have been planning vacations around the series, and not just to the filming locations either. They’ve been flocking to Scotland to see the place that Rowling spent most of her time coming up with the characters and locations, and than means a stop to Elephant House Cafe in Edinburgh is a must-see.

The cafe opened in 1995 and has a funky and eclectic collection of elephant decor. They serve gourmet coffees and teas, as well as fancy pastries, but people actually come to sit in the seat that Rowling did as she scribbled away in her notepad (that’s right, she didn’t even use a laptop)! Staff has come to accept the Potterheads who come in looking awed and refuse to leave until they can scrawl a message to Harry and his friends on the bathroom walls, which are almost unreadable now. It’s a touching tribute to the author and her characters who have meant so much to the world.

And, if you find yourself sitting at the Elephant Cafe and gazing out the window, you might see a cemetery called Greyfriars Kirkyard. And if you wander over and among the graves, you might find one with the name Tom Riddell on it. And while we can’t promise that J.K. Rowling stood in front of this grave and dreamt up the darkness of Voldemort’s past in Little Hangleton, it does seem like an odd coincidence, doesn’t it? We guess wondering is just all part of the magic!