Reinvent Your Career In 5 Lessons

Dom Prescod came to the U.S. with dreams of working in the tech field. He’d been teaching himself how to code, but it was quickly becoming an exhausting and frustrating experience.   

For people like Dom, who strive to have a job that can shift with the times, learning digital skills is a big part of adapting to the future.   

A 2015 study found that nearly 78% of middle-skill jobs today require digital skills. Here are 5 lessons from people who have built a brighter future for themselves – and their families.

#1: Stay curious   

Letting your curiosity lead you means that the path to discovery – and an exciting career – is ahead.

#2: Invest in digital skills   

Investing in your future is all about adapting to the digital world we live in. Attending bootcamps or taking courses online can help you get closer to where you want to be.   

#3: Be an early adopter   

Staying abreast of new technology trends and continuing to master new skills can give you an advantage and help advance your career. Becoming a master of technology approaches or systems can not only give you a leg up in the interview process for a tech job, but can also create an opportunity to take a leadership role on your current team.    

#4: Think like an entrepreneur    

Entrepreneurs need to be creative problem solvers, thinking on the fly and reaching out to others to find solutions. Thinking like an entrepreneur also means your path to success is wholly dependent on you and what you do, whether you own your own business or not.  

Even if you aren’t looking to start your own business, getting into the entrepreneurial frame of mind could still be a good idea.

#5: Be resilient    

A lesson that many learn throughout their careers is to be resilient in the face of setbacks and to remain flexible in the face of challenges.   

Sometimes, it’s about stepping outside of your current challenge, and putting it into perspective. When faced with difficulty, shift your focus to what drives you and keep going.